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A top quality mattress should last up to 10 years, so you should buy the best you can afford: when you think that every £100 you spend on a mattress represents just 2.7p a night over 10 years, it’s a small price to pay.

Different Types Of Mattresses

One of the biggest causes of sleepless nights is fluctuations in body temperature. Mattresses with 100% natural fillings can keep you comfortable all year round. Mattress design and technology has never been more innovative. Our website offers comprehensive information relating to most types of mattress available to UK consumers.

The most suitable type of mattress for you will depend on your budget, and many other factors. It's always advisable to try out a mattress in a showroom, but bear in mind that will only tell you how comfortable it feels initially. It won't necessarily give you much of an indication of how well you'll feel in the morning; i.e. how comfortable it is to sleep on. However, most mattress manufacturers and suppliers state that it will take you approximately 30 days to become accustomed to a new mattress. The main types of mattress available in the UK are described on our mattresses page.


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Things You Should Know before Buying a New Bed

As you are no doubt aware, most of us spend around one-third of our lives in bed; approximately 8 hours out of every 24 is spent in bed. In addition, a bed is usually a long-term investment; normally, you will keep it for at least ten years. It's therefore crucial that when you buy a bed, you choose the right one.

As far as comfort is concerned, the mattress is much more important than the bed; see our mattresses page for further information on the different types of mattresses available in the UK.

The type of bed you choose should depend on the space in your bedroom, your storage requirements, your own physical sizes, and aesthetics. Also bear in mind your expected changing situation over the next few years; don't necessarily buy a bed based solely on your current situation. The main types of bed available in the UK are described on our beds page.


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There are many factors to consider before buying a sofa. Size, style, material, design and colour are the most obvious immediate considerations. But perhaps more important than any of those is quality. With sofas, as with most things in life, you generally get what you pay for. If you intend to keep the sofa for a long time, then you need to pay more for a high quality item. If you change your sofa every year or two when you change your decor, then you can go for a much cheaper sofa. Bear in mind, though, that a cheaper sofa won't stand up to heavy wear and tear from a boisterous family. Once you've decided on the most appropriate quality for your usage and budget, you can choose the type of retailer supplying the quality you're looking for.

The colour is a matter of personal choice, but bear in mind how 'fashionable' or otherwise the colour is. If it's a 'must-have-colour-this-season', the chances are that it will soon look dated. This is fine if you're planning to change your sofa in a year or two, but it's certainly less than ideal if you're intending to keep a quality sofa for a good few years.

The style of a sofa is another matter of personal choice. Remember the size of your room and other furniture in it. You'll need to take some measurements at home to establish the size of the space, and you'll need to take your tape measure to the showroom (or study measurements online or in brochures) to ensure it physically fits. But also bear in mind how it might look in your living room; a large sofa probably looks great in a massive showroom or huge room in a photograph, but would it completely take over your room? And also think of the comfort factor; very long seat squabs, for example, may look good in the showroom or photograph, but will they be comfortable to sit on?

The type of sofa (e.g. 2-seater, 3-seater, corner sofa) will depend to a large extent on the layout of your room. But creative thinking can give you more options.

The material youi choose will depend mainly on personal preference, but bear in mind the different practicalities and comfort of each.

These aspects are discussed more fully on our sofa page.

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